Sunday, 3 April 2011

Seedlings, seeds and sowing

Planting time has begun. It's been good weather too, sunny and warm, but lots of rain too. I currently have some Mixed Boquet and some Matucana sweet peas growing on the upstairs window cill. I might have to plant a few more as about a third of them haven’t appeared. They need transplanting to the allotment in a week or so, when this wind goes away, and will grow up a trelis that we've put in along the front of the allotment, into a wall of flowers.

I've also got some sunflowers growing on the downstairs window cill... After that I think everything is going to have to go straight into the ground at the allotment, as I don't have enough window cill space...

So far at the allotment I've put in some broad beans and some Ambassador peas. I've built two little wigwam cane structures for them to grow up. I'm really looking forward to the peas as they are one of my favourite vegetables, people underrate them I think... Next to go in will be the parsnips. Now that it's light later into the evenings it will be a little easier to get things done. I'm really looking forward to the first crop, it's very satisfying to have grown your own lunch or supper when all you really did was pop a tiny seed in the ground.

The leeks should be ready in the next couple of weeks, I'm just leaving them to get a bit more of this lovely sunshine. The onions are being very shy to appear though, I have possibly done something wrong there, but not quite sure what...

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