Saturday, 18 June 2011

Black pudding, Broad Beans and Mint

This isn’t really even a recipe, more just some tasty things gathered together to make a tastier thing, and it really is. Black pudding, mint and broad beans. That's all.

My broad beans are coming a long nicely, but not quite big enough to eat yet. I'll have to try this again when they are ready. They are such beautiful little things when you have taken them out of their sleeping bag furry pods. I think they look like little green aliens. I read that the Egyptians believed that when a person died his soul temporarily resided in a broad bean before passing into the next life. It made me smile.

Dry fry some cubes of black pudding. I got some from Donald Gilbert butchers in Gosforth, it was especially good. I am keen to try making my own some time, I think it's pretty messy and I'll have to look in to where I can buy gallons of blood... I'm going to start with my own salami and brasola first. I've been reading a lot about salting, curing and preserving and am going to make a start.

Fry the black pudding until it is crispy and dark brown on the outside and still soft in the middle. While it is frying boil the broad beans in an inch of salted water for 3 or 4 minutes, until they are tender, timing really depends on their size.

Then simply combine on a plate with some shredded fresh mint. The mint goes incredibly well with the black pudding, it's really delicious...

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