Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Allotment

I'm nervous that it is going to hail again, or snow even, the weather is very peculiar for May... But my seedlings were getting far too big for their pots so I had to take a chance and plant them out. The peas, broad beans and sweet peas have all be transplanted to the allotment, I have tied them up and given them netting and canes to climb up, so hopefully the little fellas will survive their first windy night out in the wilds of Highbury Allotment...

I have sweetcorn, gourds, yellow courgettes and green courgettes waiting to go in next, but will have to clear some space of weeds before that happens. The potatoes are chitting and should go in soon. There is no sign of the beetroot or parsnips yet but I'm not surprised as it has been so cold, I'd stay under the soil too... I still have lots of seeds to plant, french beans, radishes, carrots, fennel and lots of flowers, I may need to start spending a bit more time outside, if the rain ever stops...

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