Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A Rainy Lakeland Holiday

I've been on a summer holiday, a week in the Lake District saw a little sunshine and much, much more rain, which seems pretty typical for August in the Lakes these days. We had suncream and hailstones both in one day, swimming in the river by morning followed by evenings where you could see your breath, and rivers so full of rainwater they looked like white water rapids. British summer time at it's best...

It did allow plenty of time to faff about in the kitchen however, I think I found my inner baker... I produced some beautiful white rolls I was very proud of, a white loaf and a damper bread full of smoked red peppers and anchovies. Staying about an hours drive from the nearest shop it came in quite handy baking bread daily, rarely having to leave our remote little hideaway. Mr. Smokerson came too and produced a lovely piece of slow smoked pork and some equally delicious very smoky duck breasts.

We invited The Blonde and her boys to visit and set off on a picnic up the valley... It looked like it was going to clear up at one point, but we ended up sitting in a tree, trying to eat a picnic in the rain, getting wetter and wetter. We gave it a good go, but ended up back at the kitchen table with clothes drying in front of the fire. Sitting in front of the fire was a pretty good place to be for the majority of the week...

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