Monday, 17 September 2012

A Southern French Road Trip

I've been on a little French road trip for a week, it seemed like a lot longer as we took in so many different places. Driving from Nice to Marseille as the sun set in front of us was a pretty lovely way to start the holiday...

Marseille is France's oldest city, huge and varied and beautiful; I probably only saw the tiniest portion of what it has to offer in the three days we had there, but enjoyed it all. A huge port, tiny winding old streets, beautiful architecture, little beaches, bars, restaurants, a pretty cool hotel; we took them all in. A trip up to the Camargue was a beautiful day too. Driving along the waters edge we saw wild white horses in their hundreds, flamingos and black horned cattle.

After a spot of food poisoning, not much fun on holiday, we travelled back along the coast through Cassis and Bandol to Valbonne, where we were staying next. Unfortunately the first thing I chose to eat after 24 hours of no food were some snails. I've never had them before, I was in France, why not? Turns out I'm allergic to the little fellas; quite severely... A waiter throwing a lobster salad over me the next day brought an end to my food based dramas thankfully. I only wish someone had thought to take a photo of me with a whole lobster stuck to my arm and dress, it was a good look...

Our week came to a close with the wedding of some very special friends; a beautiful, beautiful day full of friends, flowers, laughter, a tiny bit of sunshine, quite a lot of wine, dancing and delicious macaroons...


  1. Looks beautiful!!

  2. LUSH! Where did you have the truffles? x

  3. At La Colombe d'Or in Saint-Paul de Vence, it was beautiful! It was where the waiter attacked me with a plate of lobster, but they gave us free wine and puddings which made everything fine! xx

  4. Ah love this blog post Annie! Really makes me want to be back in France x

  5. I wish we were still there, in the beautiful villages, with the beautiful sunshine and the beautiful food!! boo. xx


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