Monday, 14 January 2013

New Supperclub date!

'The Grazer's Middle Eastern Meat Free Feast'
8th and 9th February 2013 7pm - Midnight


What is this?

'The Grazer's Supperclub' a regular pop-up feast hosted by The Grazer at Ouse Street Arts Club. A night of feasting in a totally unique space, fire, food and booze...

Where’s that?

Ouse Street Arts Club is a brand new creative space within Newcastle’s vibrant Ouseburn Valley. An interventional development with xsite architecture converting 2 ISO shipping containers to realise a unique and innovative social event space.

What will we eat?

A three course vegetarian feast, think table long smorgasbords full of homemade dips and Lebanese breads, handmade pastries and Arabian salads sprinkled with spice. Rich deep warming Moroccan tagines, buttery nutty couscous with pickles and North African condiments... a scattering of puddings infused with rose water, cardamom and perfume... The menu will be confirmed and sent out to you a couple of days before the event.

What will we drink?

There will be a special cocktail on arrival, inspired by the menu and setting. Following that this is a BYO affair. You will be sent the finalised menu prior to arrival so you can decide on your chosen tipple to bring.

How much will it set me back?

You will be given an envelope at the end of the evening. We ask you to leave what you think your whole evenings experience has been worth, venue, food, drinks and service... How do you put a price on an evening of feasting in a shipping container, you decide... Please bring cash.

How do I book?

Just email me at to reserve your place, these events sell out very quickly so don't hang about... We will let you know asap if you have got a place.

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