Monday, 19 May 2014

Return to Inner Farne

I was back on the Farne Islands today, for the first time since last summer. I had been tasked with making lunch for some guests of the National Trust. It was so lovely to return in the beautiful warm sunshine. I had my own chauffeur driven boat from Billy Shiel's to take me over in the morning, we chatted about the dolphins that had been spotted a few weeks back, and watched out for puffins on the sparkling water.

Lunch took place in the beautiful St. Cuthbert's chapel, where I held a couple of supperclubs last summer, such a stunning spot. I had made spring chicken terrines, gruyere tarts, wild garlic damper bread, courgette and mint salads, beetroot and rocket pesto salads and more. Thankfully everything had made the journey in tact!

After packing up I sat on the jetty waiting for my lift home, so peaceful and sunny. The boat drove slowly round the cliffs of Inner Farne on the way back, so we could look at the thousands of nesting  birds. Then when we were nearly home, the driver gave a shout, he thought he had spotted a porpoise up ahead; it turned out to be 6 or 7 dolphins, who came over and swam with our boat as we travelled home. I nearly jumped out of my skin when one leapt out of the water right in front of me, they were such huge beautiful creatures, an amazing end to the day...

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