Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cook House coming along...

I've been forging ahead with my plans for Cook House; as well as travelling to London with a fridge on wheels to cook supper in a furniture shop, which was challenging to the extreme.

I thought I would share a few photos from Cook House to keep you up to date. I haven't been there much over the past week due to my Southern culinary challenge, and I've missed it. It's such a lovely peaceful place to spend time, especially when the sun is shining. I left Keith and Steve in charge of proceedings, and I now have decking, a plumbed in dishwasher, a store room ceiling, a lovely sliding panelled door, an oven that is nearly wired in and some new exterior lights... Just a few bits and pieces to go and I can start decorating and occupying the space, I'm excited to see it come together...

I've planted some of my new grow bags and have courgettes, french beans, spring onions, salad and broad beans all emerging. It is a little way to becoming a garden, the best part being that it fills with dappled sunshine through the trees every day at the moment, long may it continue...


  1. Looking good, I'll continue to watch with anticipation! Love those pictures of the dappled light btw, nothing says easy summer afternoon to me than dappled light!

    1. it's so pretty and peaceful there when the sun is out! Getting there slowly!

      Anna x


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