Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Newcastle: The Story of a City through Its Food

You can listen again here...

Mid January on Tuesday lunchtime and I nervously awaited the arrival of Dan Saladino at Cook House. It's pretty high up on my list of good moments, Radio 4 at Cook House! I'm a Radio 4 listener and a Food Programme fan... (I also like The Archers... don't judge me... when is Helen going to see sense and leave Rob!?)

Over January The Food Programme has been broadcasting programmes from around the country from spots they believed a bit unrepresented in the past. Leeds was first up, then Cardiff and finally Newcastle. I babbled nervously as Dan held a huge microphone in my face. We chatted about Cook House, how I'd ended up cooking in a shipping container for a living, putting markets together, about the burgeoning food scene in Newcastle and it's people.

The programme visits Ken Holland in his shed, Terry Layborne, The Grainger Market and it's traditional traders as well as its new wave of food vendors, Matt Boyle of Wylam Brewery, The Comfry Project cooking and growing with refugees, Food Nation and their cooking school and new take away project, behind the scenes at Fenwick's Food Hall and a few other interesting folk. It's a charming representation of our city and its food, it's great to have it broadcast nationwide...

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  1. How exciting - iPlayer catch up now added to my to-do list.


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