Saturday, 26 February 2011


We tended to the allotment a little last weekend. I ambushed the brambles that ruled the back of the plot and The Little Idiot dug over most of the new beds, he is better at digging than me. I found a hidden honeysuckle under the bramble tangle, also some raspberries and a rose, and a hibernating ladybird. The allotment inspection committee are out in force at this end of the month and I do not want any more warning letters. Trying to look at it through objective eyes I think it looks ok, we have done quite a bit, I would say we are mid table tidiness on a scale of all the other allotment people.

The leeks are still alive, they haven’t grown much, and look more like spring onions, but I presume as soon as it warms up a bit they will grow up enough to eat. There is no sign of the onions and shallots I put in in October, I hope they don't go the way of the no show carrots... I will need to actually start planting things in March, so would like to be as organised as possible before then...

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