Sunday, 27 February 2011

Potted Shrimp

The Little Idiot bought me a present of potted shrimp. A lovely present... If you don't know them you should get to know them as soon as possible. They are buttery, spicy, sweet and delicious.

You can warm them through in a pan, so the butter melts, with a slice of brown bread, or you can just have them straight out of the pot with a piece of toast. A squeeze of lemon over the top brings out the shrimps sweetness. I have read recipes for grilled fish where you make a sauce from the tub of shrimps and butter and add garlic and shallots, or adding them at the end of a simple risotto. I'll have to try both. And yes I did share them with TLI.


  1. Golly, that sounds like sheer heaven. Pity, I'm pretty certain we don't get that in SA...


    SP: LOVE you blog

  2. You have to try them if you ever find them over there! Glad you like the blog. Anna x


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