Saturday, 5 March 2011

Lamb, mint and apricot couscous

Cold lamb often isn't as good as many other cold left over meats. It's probably my favourite meat, but I often don't know what to do with the leftovers. This is a really quick way to use it up with little effort. It works for supper, or as a packed lunch in the week.

Chop up half an onion and a small clove of garlic and cook in a splash of olive oil for ten minutes. Turn the heat off and add some couscous, about a 100g for two people. Add water or stock to just cover it, no more, put the lid on and leave for ten minutes.

Chop up your left over lamb, a handful of mint, and handful of dried apricots. Dry fry a few blanched almonds in a pan and chop these up too. Then just toss it all together with a squeeze of lemon juice. You can have it still warm or cold for lunch the next day. It's very tasty and very easy.

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