Thursday, 21 July 2011

Allotment life

I thought I'd share a small pictorial update from the allotment. Harvest wise we have been eating lots of broad beans and peas, and incredibly peppery rocket. The cauliflowers are about tennis ball size and coming on well. Still going strong but yet to fruit I have sweetcorn, french and runner beans, savoy cabbages, green courgettes, yellow courgettes, ball type courgettes and turks turbans. I planted some more peas, corn and rocket this week and some pumpkins. The pumpkins have to be planted in their own hill, surrounded by a moat, like the new kings of the allotment. I have put four of them in, hopefully they should be ready for Halloween...

There are lots and lots of sweet peas and sunflowers that are about to burst into flower, they have about five flower heads on each which will look lovely, they are a short dwarf type variety. The nasturtiums are creeping around different flower beds but yet to flower and there are lots of swaying purple aliums which look very pretty. The apple trees have lost a few apples in the wind but there are still a few left to eat. The raspberries and currants are full of fruit in the wild patch along the back of the allotment, behind the 'lawn'... The lawn we planted with grass seed so we could laze around in the summer sun, but is now just some hidden tufts of grass amongst some kind of super power weeds that are as tall as me... perhaps next year...


  1. Hi Anna,

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your posts about your allotment. This is my first year of 'growing my own' and it's been very much trial and error. So far, the only harvest I have is three strawberries, one chilli pepper and some sweet peas!

    Very envious of your allotment, looks like it's going well!


  2. thank you! I am very trial and error too! I've had about 8 strawberries... other things are coming on well, but it's all very much a 'fingers crossed' strategy so far! xx


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