Sunday, 17 July 2011

Butter Bean and Rosemary Hummus

We wandered up the hill in the sunshine to The Cumberland Arms for lunch this Friday. It was really beautiful and hot, which seems hard to imagine as I now watch the monsoon type rain chucking it down outside. I just had a simple ham and goats cheese sandwich, but it came with a lovely feta, olive and pea shoot salad which I thoroughly enjoyed sat in the sun on the terrace looking over the Ouseburn. It was a lovely start to the weekend... A weekend that has been packed with cooking. Four hour Braised Shoulder of Lamb, leftover lamb and pea patties, butter bean hummus, Home-made Salami...

We were invited for drinks on The Terrace, a little known Jesmond drinks spot... So we sat in the sunshine again with fizzy wine, flowers and friends while the lamb braised at home... I took a simple little hummus with me for us to snack on while we chatted in the sun. A butter bean and rosemary houmous that takes two minutes to make and is delicious.

Simply add a drained can of butter beans to the bowl of your blender, then add a large sprig of rosemary, just the leaves. Add a large pinch of salt and black pepper, the juice of half a lemon, a handful of lightly toasted sesame seeds and a large glug of extra virgin olive oil. You will need more oil than you think to get a loose paste. Then just blend until it is really smooth. It makes a much milder hummus than others packed with garlic and tahini, it is smooth and creamy with a lovely rosemary perfume.

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