Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Allotment

I wandered along to the allotment this morning to continue the gargantuan task of weed control. If I'm honest, these photos are deliberately deceiving, the bigger picture is full of towering weeds, with little patches of produce here and there. I zoomed in on the good bits! It hasn’t been a very good year so far, it's been cold, it has rained continuously, the weeds have taken over and things just haven’t really grown. All the plants are tiny compared to last year, the remaining courgettes are just hanging on in there, but half of them have died. The peas and french beans are non existent and the sweet peas that were taking over the plot last year covered in flowers are about 10cm high and pathetic to say the least...

On the plus side I have radishes, beetroot and parsnips that are battling on, lots of broad beans, tons of apples, sweetcorn and potatoes all still alive. It is some consolation that no one else seems to have the huge amounts of produce spilling from their plots that I have seen in previous years, but saying that they are all still tidier than mine...

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